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GD-900H compound adjustable chamfering machine
GD-900H compound adjustable chamfering machineThe desktop compound high-speed chamfering machine is a mechanical proc



GD-900H compound adjustable chamfering machine
The desktop compound high-speed chamfering machine is a mechanical processing auxiliary equipment imported from abroad, which can chamfer and deburr parts of carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy materials, nylon and other materials. The chamfer size can be adjusted from 0-6mm. The chamfer size is accurate and the surface is smooth (roughness 3.2). This machine is small in size, light in weight, easy to operate (handheld workpiece), saves time for installation, and has high chamfering efficiency. It is especially suitable for batch processing of parts. It has a leading international level. Compared with other chamfering machines, it has the following characteristics:
1. Straight line chamfering, arc chamfering and irregular curve chamfering can be completed on one machine, with the function of one machine for multiple purposes
2. The chamfering and milling speed is more than 10,000 rpm, and the surface finish of the workpiece is high
3. The worktable is forged as a whole to ensure the accuracy of the workpiece
Maintenance and maintenance:
The machine should be regularly inspected and maintained in accordance with the following items:
1. After each shift, clean up the iron filings remaining on the machine tool to keep the machine clean.
2. Observe the tightness of the belt, and make adjustments when necessary.
3. Frequently check whether the fastening screws of each part are loose.
GD-900H compound chamfering machine (adjustable 20-45 degrees)
Motor power/voltage 1.1KW  380V
Dimensions about500mm×400mm×500mm
Machine weightabout 50公斤
Chamfer depth Straight line: 0-5mm adjustable Curve: 0-3mm adjustable
Spindle speed 10000rpm